MOdel-based DEsign & Verification for Safety-Critical Embedded Systems

Literature review is the foremost activity to perform various MODVES tasks. Therefore, We perform Comprehensive Literature Review to investigate the current research and industrial practices regarding various MBSE approaches for embedded systems development. We use Systematic Literature Review (SLR) to investigate latest MBSE trends and Tools to perform Modeling, Model Transformation, Model Verification and Simulation activities for the development of embedded systems. Overview of research is illustrated in Figure below:

Research Overview

Systematic Literature Review has been used to carry out this research. It is a proper and replicate process to document pertinent details on precise research area for reviewing and investigating all existing research related to research questions. This research incorporates various stages: 1) Categories definition 2) Review protocol development 3) Selection and rejection criteria 4) Search process. 4) Quality assessment. 5) Data extraction and synthesis.The details of each stage is present in Literature Review document (Deliverables).

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