MOdel-based DEsign & Verification for Embedded Systems

The TemLoPAC Plugin Software provides a mechanism to transform set of reusable generic graphical patterns modeled in UML/MARTE into CCSL and Verilog observers. Important documents related to the software are:

Report TemLoPAC:

The research report "TemLoPAC: Installation Guide and Users' Manual" provides step-by-step instructions to install the plugin in Eclipse-based UML environment. It further provides a detailed account of procedure to create graphical temporal patterns and to generate observer code from those patterns.

To save the time, you can directly download the plugin from

Moreover the plugin can also be directly loaded in the Eclipse through the update site

Sample Properties:

Some of the sample properties using the Observation profile are given as sample properties . These samples give an idea how the properties are created. More information about the creation of these properties and code generation is given in TemLoPAC installation guide and users' manual.

TemLoPAC Source Code:

The research report "TemLoPAC Plugin Source Code" provides the details about the plugin project structure and the source code of individual Java file modules.